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What To Expect From Jury Duty

Many people register to vote because they want to be a good citizen and because they want their vote to count in elections. If you're a registered voter you shouldn't be surprised if you get a jury duty summons in the mail. While some people may groan when they hear the words "jury duty", others view it as a responsibility they're proud to be a part of. I've been selected for jury duty several times and I've even been a part of the jury. If you want to know what to expect if you're called for jury duty, you can read my blog to find out. I hope that reading my blog will dissolve any fears or apprehensions you have about serving on a jury.


For The Hearing And Speech Impaired: How Can You Report Auto Accidents In The Future?

12 January 2016
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If you're hearing or speech impaired, staying safe on the road is essential. Auto accidents can occur at any time and cause devastating injuries to you or your passengers. If you can't call emergency services for help because your hearing disability affects your speech or ability to hear over the phone, you won't receive the medical care you need right away. There are new communication services in the works for people with hearing impairments, including special cell phone services that allow you to text emergency services if you're in an accident. Read More …