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What To Expect From Jury Duty

Many people register to vote because they want to be a good citizen and because they want their vote to count in elections. If you're a registered voter you shouldn't be surprised if you get a jury duty summons in the mail. While some people may groan when they hear the words "jury duty", others view it as a responsibility they're proud to be a part of. I've been selected for jury duty several times and I've even been a part of the jury. If you want to know what to expect if you're called for jury duty, you can read my blog to find out. I hope that reading my blog will dissolve any fears or apprehensions you have about serving on a jury.


Workers Compensation Lawyer: 3 Reasons You Need One For Depositions

24 February 2015
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When it comes to filing a workers compensation lawsuit there are a number of reasons it is important to consult an attorney, but perhaps no more important reason than to assist you during the deposition process. This article outlines three reasons it is important to have a workers compensation attorney on your side when you are preparing for a deposition: To Keep You From Being Too Forthcoming With Information  If you've never been involved in litigation before, being deposed by a defendant's attorney can be a little intimidating. Read More …

Can I Sue For Wrongful Death?

13 February 2015
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Wrongful death lawsuits are not simply available to provide compensation to someone who is suffering from a loss, but also serve a vital role of acting as a deterrent to the defendant for negligent behavior. How the Wrongful Death Lawsuit Works Wrongful death claims follow a similar process to personal injury claims. The plaintiff will need to demonstrate that the defendant had a duty of care. Then, the defendant will need to be shown to have breached that duty of care. Read More …

Establishing The Custody Of Children When You Are Getting A Divorce

6 February 2015
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Getting a divorce is difficult, and when there are children involved, emotions can run rampant. If you are in the midst of a divorce and trying to work out a custody agreement, it is in the best interest of you and your children to work with a qualified attorney to figure out custody. Full Legal and Physical Custody If you are the primary caretaker of your children, and your spouse has abandoned the marriage, you may be able to seek full legal and physical custody. Read More …

4 Illegal Reasons To Be Fired

29 January 2015
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If you have recently been fired from your job, you might currently be wondering about the reason and whether or not it was legal. While there are many reasons an employer can legally let their employees go, there are also some that are against the law. If you find that you were fired unlawfully, you can bring up a lawsuit against them. Here are some of the illegal reasons to be fired from your job. Read More …

Personal Injury Law: What You Need To Know About Filing A Slip And Fall Claim

23 January 2015
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While most slip and fall accidents will result in only minor injuries and bruised egos, some of these cases will involve serious injury. In these cases, it may be possible to collect compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, before choosing to take this route, it is important to ensure your case meets all the requirements of a successful claim. Below you will learn more about these requirements. Establishing Legal Liability Read More …