What To Expect From Jury Duty

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What To Expect From Jury Duty

Many people register to vote because they want to be a good citizen and because they want their vote to count in elections. If you're a registered voter you shouldn't be surprised if you get a jury duty summons in the mail. While some people may groan when they hear the words "jury duty", others view it as a responsibility they're proud to be a part of. I've been selected for jury duty several times and I've even been a part of the jury. If you want to know what to expect if you're called for jury duty, you can read my blog to find out. I hope that reading my blog will dissolve any fears or apprehensions you have about serving on a jury.


Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident? 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid

6 June 2015
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You didn't expect to get hit by a car when you were walking in a crosswalk. Unfortunately, those types of accidents happen more often than you think. In fact, according to statistics, about 70,000 pedestrians were injured by motor vehicles in 2010. If you've been injured, you're going to need treatment. You're also going to need monetary compensation for your losses and coverage for any permanent disabilities that might result from your injuries. Read More …

Getting Married This Year? What Should You Know About Your Healthcare Subsidy?

21 May 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you currently purchase your health insurance policy through your state's exchange and receive a subsidy, but are getting married later this year and will no longer qualify for a subsidy, you may be wondering how to minimize the potential tax impact of this change. Likewise, if you're currently ineligible for a subsidy but are marrying someone who earns substantially less than you do, you may soon find yourself eligible for cheaper insurance after becoming a legal spouse. Read More …

Tips For Proving Soft Tissue Injuries

4 May 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Soft injuries are those that involve muscles, ligaments, and tendons, but not bones. If you are processing a personal injury claim, and most of your injuries are "soft," then you should expect hard negotiation from the insurance company. This is because insurers are of the erroneous view that only injuries to the bone and critical organs of the body (such as lungs, heart and brain) are serious enough to warrant substantial awards. Read More …

Using A Consumer Survey In Your Trademark Dispute Case? Here’s What You Should Know.

16 April 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

If your company is involved in a trademark dispute with another company, you may find yourself considering the use of survey company to either prove or disprove the likelihood that consumers will confuse your brand or product with the other company's brand or product. Here's what you should know about using survey in trademark disputes. The Surveys Themselves Are Carefully Examined When the courts evaluate whether or not a survey has any value in showing consumer confusion there is a great deal of attention paid to the surveys themselves. Read More …

Common Questions After Witnessing A Car Accident

8 April 2015
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As a driver, you never know when someone's bad driving habits could get in the way of your safety, but just as easily you could become a witness to another driver's accident. In the event you have witnessed a car accident that leads to a personal injury claim, there is a good chance you could be deemed a witness to the event. Having to speak with a car accident attorney about what you have saw happen may sound intimidating, but this is nothing to be afraid of. Read More …