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What To Expect From Jury Duty

Many people register to vote because they want to be a good citizen and because they want their vote to count in elections. If you're a registered voter you shouldn't be surprised if you get a jury duty summons in the mail. While some people may groan when they hear the words "jury duty", others view it as a responsibility they're proud to be a part of. I've been selected for jury duty several times and I've even been a part of the jury. If you want to know what to expect if you're called for jury duty, you can read my blog to find out. I hope that reading my blog will dissolve any fears or apprehensions you have about serving on a jury.


For The Hearing And Speech Impaired: How Can You Report Auto Accidents In The Future?

12 January 2016
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If you're hearing or speech impaired, staying safe on the road is essential. Auto accidents can occur at any time and cause devastating injuries to you or your passengers. If you can't call emergency services for help because your hearing disability affects your speech or ability to hear over the phone, you won't receive the medical care you need right away. There are new communication services in the works for people with hearing impairments, including special cell phone services that allow you to text emergency services if you're in an accident. Read More …

What To Do If You Slip And Fall While At Work To Protect Your Legal Case

20 November 2015
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No one ever expects to suddenly sustain an injury while at the workplace. If you suddenly find yourself lying on the ground after a fall that you didn't see coming, chances are you might have slipped on something that was in your path. The first course of action after an injury occurs at work is of course to seek medical attention if needed. That said, if your slip and fall was the result of someone else leaving something where it did not belong, you may have a potential legal case on your hands. Read More …

Slipped And Fell At A Store?: 5 Questions To Test The Validity Of Your Slip And Fall Case

7 August 2015
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If you recently slipped and fell while at a store, you may be considering hiring a personal injury attorney. However, the attorney may not accept your case unless he or she believes that there is actual proof that your injuries were caused due to someone else's negligence. Here are a few questions to help you determine whether or not you have a good slip and fall case: Was the condition that caused your fall easily recognizable as hazardous? Read More …

Common Questions After Witnessing A Car Accident

8 April 2015
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As a driver, you never know when someone's bad driving habits could get in the way of your safety, but just as easily you could become a witness to another driver's accident. In the event you have witnessed a car accident that leads to a personal injury claim, there is a good chance you could be deemed a witness to the event. Having to speak with a car accident attorney about what you have saw happen may sound intimidating, but this is nothing to be afraid of. Read More …

Tips On Writing A Demand Letter

28 March 2015
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If you're in the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may have heard the term "demand letter" mentioned by your lawyer. Composing and submitting a demand letter is an important first step in acquiring compensation for your injuries. While your lawyer will probably do most of the work, it's still a good idea for you to understand what a demand letter should include. Your lawyer will need you to help with drafting the demand letter by providing some information. Read More …