Was Your Child Injured Badly Playing At A Friends'? Don't Get Stuck With The Bills And Call A Lawyer Fast

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Was Your Child Injured Badly Playing At A Friends'? Don't Get Stuck With The Bills And Call A Lawyer Fast

24 April 2016
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Did your child get injured while they were playing at a friend's house and you think the other parent was being negligent? If so, you want to call a personal injury lawyer so you don't have to cover the costs of the incident, and because the other parent was at fault.

If your child got a serious injury and you aren't sure how long it's going to take for them to fully recover, you have a right to make the other parent accountable. Here is some of the information you must take for your consult with your injury attorney.

Medical Statements and Documents

If your child was taken to an emergency medical facility, had to get x-rays or other image tests, and has had several doctors' appointments because of the injury, make sure you hold on to all the medical bills. Print out every single expense that has been related to the injury that your child has, and your lawyer may want to do a projection list of future expenses that could potentially continue if their injuries haven't healed. This will be included in the amount that your lawyer asks for from the other family.

Report of Injury

Did you go to the police station and make an official report of the injury? There will be a report if you went and got emergency medical treatment with the medical facility, but if you didn't go for treatment immediately, you may want to make a police report. It should be stated what happened with the address of the property, so the other family can't try to claim that it didn't occur. You also want a copy of this report for your lawyer.

Eyewitness Statements

Do you have a text or voicemail from the other parent calling you to tell you what happened? If so, these are evidence you want to keep with you. Were there other children or adults at the property that saw the incident? If so, see if you can get them to write out their eyewitness reports. The more evidence you have for court, the better.

The other family may have to make the claim on their homeowners insurance, or they may have to use their personal savings to pay for the accident, but either way, they should pay for the incident. Call a lawyer like one from Hensley Law Team right away to make sure you don't end up paying for the costs, and to see if you should press charges.