Three Subjects To Discuss When You're Looking For A Divorce Attorney

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Three Subjects To Discuss When You're Looking For A Divorce Attorney

23 December 2015
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When you reach the point at which your marriage has ended and you're anxious to move onto the next chapter in your life, moving through the divorce process as quickly as possible is ideal. Even though you don't want to prolong this period, it's important to give careful consideration to the local divorce attorney you hire to represent you. It's generally a good idea to meet with a few divorce attorneys from firms like Madison Law Firm PLLC to ask about their experience and share some details about your situation. Before you make up your mind about who will represent you, it's worthwhile to touch on these three topics.

Duration Of The Case

When you're going through a divorce, you have to carefully weigh the balance between getting the matter resolved quickly and ensuring that your interests are thorough represented. To this end, it's useful to ask each divorce attorney with whom you meet how long he or she expects the legal proceedings to last. There's no right answer here -- cases with children and a long list of assets generally take longer to resolve. However, this information is important to know in advance and it's also useful to know whether the attorney can begin working on your case right away. You don't want to hire someone only to realize that the attorney has several weeks or months of other cases to wrap up before working on yours.

Next Steps

In a divorce that's particularly contentious, asking for advice about your next steps is a valuable conversation to have. The divorce attorney might recommend that you avoid contact with your spouse or that you keep meticulous records of all your current expenses. Asking this question gives you an opportunity to evaluate the attorney's expertise in this area. Those who are skilled and experience will provide you with a clear list of the things you should do and not do, and this list will be specifically tailored to your situation. Hearing the right answers in this discussion can help you decide to move forward with a certain attorney.

Involvement Of Experts

Divorce cases often use a variety of experts to strengthen either party's case. Each expert can represent an expense and lengthen the proceedings, and knowing a breakdown of these details is useful in advance. For example, many divorce cases use private investigators who can take weeks to gather their information. You want to work with an attorney who not only has a group of available experts as resources, but can give you an estimate about how much the process will cost and how long it will take.