Workers Compensation Lawyer: 3 Reasons You Need One For Depositions

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Workers Compensation Lawyer: 3 Reasons You Need One For Depositions

24 February 2015
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When it comes to filing a workers compensation lawsuit there are a number of reasons it is important to consult an attorney, but perhaps no more important reason than to assist you during the deposition process. This article outlines three reasons it is important to have a workers compensation attorney on your side when you are preparing for a deposition:

To Keep You From Being Too Forthcoming With Information 

If you've never been involved in litigation before, being deposed by a defendant's attorney can be a little intimidating. Sometimes when people feel intimidated they tend to say a little more than they should. Unfortunately, the anxiety and discomfort of essentially being interrogated by another attorney can ultimately cost you the lawsuit if you mistakenly say something you shouldn't have.

This isn't to say that an attorney will make sure that certain lies stay under wraps, but rather that the legal system can be treacherous for the uninitiated. For this reason it is important to have an attorney present during the deposition to ensure that the defense's line of inquiry is appropriate and within the legal bounds of what they're allowed to ask. 

To Keep You Away From Assumptions & Estimations

You never want to guess or speculate when responding to a question during the deposition. Although it may seem innocuous, making guesses or assumptions as to what happened before, during, or after the circumstances of your injury can provide a cunning defense with the ammunition they need to win the case.

Using your own words, they may even be able to demonstrate to the court that you feel responsible for the accident, and ultimately have the case dismissed. A workers compensation attorney will guide you through this process and make sure your statements cannot later be used against you.

To Ensure Your Responses Aren't Vague Or Unclear

You want an attorney present during the deposition to help make sure you are answering questions clearly. Regardless of your answer to a given inquiry, a vague response on your part might eventually be used against you.

To avoid such catastrophes, a lawyer can help prepare you for the deposition by having you practice avoiding answering questions with gestures or mumbled or slang-type responses. Details are important in depositions and saying something like 'this foot hurt' rather than "my right foot hurt" might cost you future workers compensation benefits. 

Overall, having a workers compensation attorney present during the deposition can ensure your responses are not misinterpreted, as well as help guide you through the questioning and ensure your rights aren't violated. To learn more, contact a company like with any questions you have.