What Is The Role Of An Immigration Attorney?

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What Is The Role Of An Immigration Attorney?

12 January 2015
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When most people hear the phrase immigration attorney their mind immediately goes to green cards or becoming a United States citizen. However, immigration attorneys, such as Carmen DiAmore-Siah Attorney At Law, can play a much larger role in the immigration process. Their main focus is on any legal issue that relates to leaving one country in order to live in another one for an extended period of time. This can include working with clients that have their own legal problems such as criminal charges or ongoing civil issues. What are some other roles that an immigration attorney may have?

Working with Businesses

While many immigration attorneys focus on individuals moving from one country to another, there are some that specialize in issues that relate to a business. For example, an immigration attorney may be hired to assist a foreign client with starting a business in the United States. An immigration attorney can also help businesses hire employees that are in need of a visa or green card by ensuring that the employer meets all the legal requirements related to recruitment and hiring. A foreign employee may also seek out the advice of an immigration attorney if they feel that their employer is not following proper conduct.

Immigrating to the United States

Many of the day-to-day duties of an immigration attorney will be focused on those who are immigrating to the United States. This can include helping a client obtain a green card or helping a client bring the rest of their family to live with them. Immigration attorneys can also work with students to obtain visas for specific study programs and work with those that have overstayed a visa. Foreigners that are looking for asylum or refugee status in the United States may also be represented by an immigration attorney. Also, individuals that are having difficulty immigrating due to marriage problems, medical issues or other problems may also need representation.

Other Legal Issues

In some cases, immigration attorneys will work with clients that are facing deportation because they were convicted of criminal charges. They can also represent an individual that has been charged with a crime that could have an affect on their legal status. Individuals who have a criminal history in another country may also require representation, as could someone that has been accused of entering the country with fraudulent documents.

If you are considering leaving or entering the United States, a consultation with an immigration attorney can help determine what your options are and what will be necessary in order to immigrate. Doing so may cost a little up front, but it can also help ensure that you do so legally and without future problems.