3 Questions Commonly Asked Following A Birth Injury

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3 Questions Commonly Asked Following A Birth Injury

16 December 2014
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A mother relies on a hospital to help her and care for her through one of the most difficult, stressful, emotional, and wonderful times in her life – the birth of her child. Unfortunately, not every hospital provides a mother with the top-notch care that is needed during the birth of a baby. When a hospital fails to provide a mother and her new baby with the proper care, birth injuries can be sustained. As a result of the injury, the mother faces years and years of medical costs and possibly the loss of her child. Do you know someone or have you experienced hospital neglect resulting in the injury of a baby during birth? Here, you will find the answers to some of the many questions that you likely have right now.

What do you do if your baby sustained injuries during birth?

Your first step is contacting a personal injury lawyer. From the minute you begin discussing your situation with the lawyer or case manager, you are one step closer to making the hospital pay for their neglect. You will provide the lawyer with all of the medical records from the labor and delivery as well as the medical records for the care of your baby after birth. This will help your lawyer build a case against the hospital.

How do you know which lawyer to choose?

Like all lawsuits, it is best to find a lawyer that is well practiced in the type of case. Personal injury lawyers can specialize in various types of injury, so you should find a lawyer that has handled birth injury lawsuits several times in the past and has been successful in getting the parents the money from the hospital that they need to care for their baby.

How long do you have to file suit against the hospital?

The statute of limitations varies from state to state. You will have to contact a personal injury lawyer to learn how long it is for the state that you live in. Some states allow for these suits to be filed anywhere from one year to eighteen years after the birth of the child.

Talking with a lawyer is the only sure way to learn if you have a case. He or she will be able to ask the right questions, request the right documents and put together a plan of action against the hospital. Do not let time go by because it could take years for this suit to settle or reach the court system.